Hello Everyone,

In the time since my last post a lot of things have happened.

 I have started my firearms e-commerce business. It is called Natural Fit Firearms and can be viewed at https://naturalfitfirearms.com . During that time I moved the business 3 times, but do not see a move for the foreseeable future Visit This Link. Business has been fairly consistent and I am hoping that the benefits outweigh the costs going forward.

I went on a cruise in July and loved it. It was on the Carnival Magic and was by-far one of the best itineraries I’ve been on in awhile. I was able to see two new locations I hadn’t before and visited the Bacardi Factory in Puerto Rice. The ship was awesome and while it was a fairly big ship, it did not seemed crowded where we spent most of our time. I really enjoy the Red Frog pub and the outdoor environment they have on the ship on deck 5.

I started to build a pool at my home and it is currently nearing completion, it is super exciting to watch the entire process and receive exactly what I want.

 I have started to study for the CCDA certification to keep active my other two Cisco certifications. The next cert after that will be the CISSP and CCSP rtbhywu. I might then shift and go with some AWS certifications as I have been working with that lately.

Until next time,

~ Chris